buggerz Blog 5

I had a strangely semi-nostalgic car ride yesterday: to an allotment garden (Schrebergarten ) autumn barbecue party in Berlin-Staaken: this was strangely evocative, because I realised how very many times I have driven all or parts of this route over the years: many of them on the top of a Berlin double-decker,  or iny my own Renault 4 with appropriate ‘cottaging’ intervals of course, mostly as  study work for my thesis on “Benevolent sex instruction courses for Turkish immigrant youths”. and in favour of international sexual-cultural integration, especially on Sunday afternoons: but alas such architectural monuments no onger punctuate this route: which led via the B5 road across the old border of the GDR and rather excitingly through the deepest provinces of unspoiled old farming villages crowned with a town centre slice right through Ludwigslust with its stunning castle shortly before the border  to the hinterland of Hamburg. This had the added thrill of possibly being strip-searched by dashing Volksarmee border guads in  statically sparkling polyester uniforms probably designed by Margot Honecker herself (still living incidentally, in ‘total  and extremely shocked innocence’ and a blue-rinse heaven with her grandson painter in Santiago de Chile: unfortunately the guards were usually satisfied with a very brief frisk: and ‘on yer bike’ kind of nod: although occasionally one did manage to contrive to be arrested for speeding in the middle of a cold January forest: the result of which was nothing more titillating then a temporary confiscation of the passport!

But the main pointer to memory lane yesterday was that I noticed the tube station “Berlin-Witzleben” (Witz leben could be translated as life’s joke, or the wit of life!!) tkae your pick: I am sztill meditating

But more reflections on this subject tomorrow

cheers for now

el Bugger

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One Response to buggerz Blog 5

  1. Steve Ryan says:

    Hi. Just came across your blog -very interesting an informative. I’m 60, gay and living alone (unhappily). I’m finding it hard to find a sense of place in London -no schemes like yours for ageing queens. Perhaps I need to widen my horizons into Europe? Problem is, I don’t have another language. Any tips gratefully recieved. regards

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