Buggerz Blog 8

Well, as usual it is taking me more time to log onto the site than to writte the fucking buggerzBlog, let alone find enough time to live enough things to put in it!!


How do folks fit it all in AND fucking well find time to Twitter as well: They obviously save time by not going to the lavatory I suppose: That’s m problem: I spend too muc time in the bathroom each day and no enough time just Living. So yesterday the Bavarian blonde biker took me to


a Japanese suchi bust-out at lunchtime:  with fabulous seafood cooked


at the table followed by a trip to a fabulous 50’s Berlin chocolatier called Harry Hamann: lovely stuf with ’50’sgolden boutique stools in the shop: stuff like red peppercorn bitter chocolate, as well as chili and lemongrass: A great place for Christmas presents: packed in boxes with a glossy pic of the Brandenbur Gate In the Japanese restaurant, where my Bavarian friend, wss evidently known: the Japanese hostess said: inquiringly, your Daddy? which he took as a compliment: I at least prevented myself from saying “No: I am the elder sister!” The more I think about it it probably WAS a welcome compliment, what’s wrong with the idea of a tall blond biker from Bavaria, as a son??


I might just try dining out on that: and saves all that worrying about how to have to cope with the first 48 years of his childhood!

The evening was then spent at a really disappointing sub-trahs level cabret by a woman called Gabi Decker, here in our own restaurant: After this: I asked one of my neighbours if the whol thing had been above my head or just below it: He said the prposition “below” needs to be re-invented to describe somehing as bad as that! So with that conclussion I spent the rest of th evening drinking red wine with the Polish carer from Lodz ( the !L° in Lodz should have that funny diagonal thing through it: like in Lech Walensa: which turns it into a “w”: hope you cn understand all of that: If you can’t then: that just proves that my days as a language teacher are well and truly over: Just about to break off here: to do some physical training on the staircase( that’s my excuse) with the pretty, hairy bearded new carer from Hessen: HIS problem is that  he hasn’t quite got used to the idea of why he has to be ‘spanked’ on every shift: My god some of these folks are perverts!!


See ya


el Bugger



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