BuggerzBlog 9

Well here we are ‘hideous Sunday’ again!!

Last night there was a  really fabulous concert in the caff here : a local gay choir!  earlier in the day I just went out to buy some stationery: BUT the carer with me found some old excuse for us to visit tight-arsed Deniz: at the Turkish shop: I just picked up a few figs:  whildt the carer continued to chat up Deniz so when we were ready to leave I said !Well Deniz: this is the moment when we need your superior muscle power to get me out of here!!: have ou done your training today? Yes I have said Deniz and gave us the name of his fitness centre (avidly noted by my companion) It’s very cheap said Deniz: why! you even have to pay extra to use the showers!! (horror, horror in Germany, where most people appear to be born under a shower: However I rememberd the advice of MAnfred: from our night shift: “Always go to the cheapest fitness centre: that’s where the REAL men are and where the real sweating actually starts:  ‘cos they are all working class lads, not fancy muscle Marys: bearung this in mind: I have noted the information to relay to the night shift: meanwhile my companion of the moent was so disgusted at the prospect of unwashed German muscles: that we left immediately: one of us with an erection AND and  an address the other with Neither!!


Chacun à son… as we used to say: now I am waiting to be “picked up” in every sense  of the word by something, hopefully delectable, from Pankow:

trawled via Google!! Will report of course in due course


el Bugger

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