buggerzblog 11

I Did a very long interview yesterday for Bavarian Radio: astonishing in view of the conservatism prevalent in Bavaria: However about 45 minutes of the usual stuff: by which I especially virtually having to ‘explain’ why gay men like being with other gay men: without making it sound as if it’s only all about sex!

For god’s sake where have these people been the last 60 years!  Obviously not in my Bedroom or its vicinity! In answer to the inevitable question as to whether I feel frightfully liberated living amongst gay men: I curtly answered: makes no difference: I have only been living with gay men for the last 55 years; Quite frankly, any gay man who has been living in a West European metropolis within the last 60 years and who does not live openly gay: must be lacking in self-respect, or self-honesty! Where have these folks been all these years? I know it might be hard in Bucharest or Warsaw: but not in Lille or Birmingham or  Montelimar! or even Aberystwyth for that matter! But, surely in  the last year whilst you have been in hospital you must have suffered discrimination??

ANSWER: Certainly NOT!

Madam I think you are greatly underestimating the level of professionalism amongst German doctors and nursing staff!

Let’s hope  I don’t get asked this question again!

el Bugger

( went  to a fabulous Spanish food shop round the corner this morning: )

Quite honestly they have something more serious to do than worry about peopl’s sexuality: AND in mostcases they don’t need to inquire about it: because my medical records have been openly ‘GAY’ since around 1968: I pointed out the pleasure I had upon being admitted to a catholic hospital in Hamburg on being immediately greeted by a distinguished man with silver hair, who said: “You won’t remember me but I treated you here with thrombosis 12 years ago: We have all of your blood details on the computer: so do not worry about your medication: NOW that is what I call SERVICE with a SMILE and not discrimination!

10 out of 10 to the Marienkrankenhaus in Hamburg! Shame about the food though! But you can’t have everything: or not quite! There was a very nice chamber mussic conert in the café here yesterday: very relaxing indeed!

el Bugger, comme toujours!

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2 Responses to buggerzblog 11

  1. Lightswitchraves says:


    You have attracted some attention via the Guardian.

  2. I also came here via the Guardian and I’m glad I did, what an enjoyable read your blog is. Also I’m sorry about your interview with that Bavarian radio station. They are just weird down there, I mean they are almost Austrians what do you expect 😉 Looking forward to hear more from you.

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