Buggerz blog 12

Hi: I had a stubborn unwanted TV programme I couldn’t get rid of the other day: it was some kind of a soap opera taking place inthe very pretty UNESCO town centre of Lüneburg where I spent most of last winter: In my memory the town is indelibly imprinted: as utterly wheelchair unfriendly: because of the endless cobblestones which make for a VERY uncomfortable ride, unless you go to the somewhat drastic lengths adopted by my goodself, on your behalf, of never going out without prior anal insertion of a suitable dildo: by suitable I mean The bank dildo (suitable for climbing stairs as well without auto-ejection of coourse as opposed to the x-ray dildo ( I don’t know! Do they show up in x-rays: I must look at all of those old pix!  or the restaurant dildo( designed for an compfy sit over a period of several hours with no squeaking or undue and unseemly fidgetting. I seem to have mislaid the entire collection between there and Berlin: Suppose I will just have to go shopping again (but not until the spring collection is there) although as befits a modern metropolis Berlin is very short on cobblestones which  makes for easy riding: Fairly boring here in the last few days! Even the call boys have become unusually unreliable: None of that Prussian punctuality: Bring back the lash( Well that IS one thing I did remember to bring: so watch this space: there is great excitement in the next room where the wheelchair couturier is measuring Erwin for his new wheelchair: I said Erwin: Don’t forget to ask them to accommodate a miniskirt as well as a floor-length ballgown: slightly problematic in his case because the poor devil is an amputee: smoker’s leg they call it I didn’t know you could virtually smoke until your legs drop off!! Seems somewhat negligent of the old chap!!   Well let’s hope something happens to make me laugh soon: it’s unlikely to be Mitt Romney’s cheery chappy badinage!  Everybody’s hoping thee hurricane will play into Obama’s hands: Well Katrina didn’t into Geroge Bush’s di it?


Had acting group this morgen: I have been asked to write personalised lyrics to a Hildegarde Knef hit song for us all to sing at a gay wedding next month! The things I get up to! Every day amazes me!


Fairly boring here the last

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One Response to Buggerz blog 12

  1. Peter says:

    After reading The Observer article I read your blog and thoroughly enjoyed it. Keep it up – the blog, I mean!

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