BuggerzBlog 16

There WAS no 15: don’t worry you didn’t miss out on a laod of queer drivel!

I am a gay old bugger living in a gay old buggerz home in Berlin:

 Bugger‘z Blog Sheet No. 16


Well I seem to have been a lazy sod, I know: however two deaths have intervened 1 a old friend Sylvia Millar (née Laine) a few words on whom I attach here and also 1 of the residents of our flat-share here Joe Craig, an awkward little sod from Washington DC who had a tendency to roll naked on the floor outside my door screaming: “I love you Peter, why do you hate me so much” whenever I had guests. Well unfortunately that question will have to go unanswered since cancer of the stomach has intervened with astounding rapidity!

So I have not been much in the mood for frivolity, plus I have been deluged under the general Christmas shit: which is thickly spread here to stultify the whole of December: we had our theatre group Xmas bash (a piss-up starting at 10:00 a.m.!! if you please!! then the long session of Anders Altern (= Growing old the Other way” viz. as a fag which actually featured me playing cocktail piano!) I took my new “fella” ( we have had exhaustive discussions as to what to call each other to third parties: I have opted for “fella” for him: he has opted for “my an” for me: sounds a bit lesbian doesn’t it?? I suppose I will get used to it: the whole thing is unwonted territory for me belive it or not! He is a truck driver from Leipzig and came with me to ‘”turn over the pages”: well since he is in straight language a tight-arse of 29 years : with the old bugger at 70, this alone has caused gossip enough: he seems to have become a very welcome ongoing feature around me: call him what you will and I am sure you WILL like all of the other inevitably jealous bitches around here: Well that was something we both of us fully expected before “going public” I will not be uploading pix here: only upon special request we actually went to Cartier this morning: NOT to buy a ring, just a re-fill for my Cartier ballpoint!!

And now we are right in the midst of the whole Christmas Kacke as we call it here! Just ‘merde’ to you! I suppose we will survive: I am certainly much cheered and motivated to physical exercise by the presence of the fella from Leipzig: although I am being” let out! For a few days over Xmas itself, because my old flatmates from Hamburg will be here and we will be having our usual personal feast in their work flat in the Martin Luther Strasse here: So I am sending the lad from Leipzig packing back to the family in “L” with the words of advice “if you still have parents enjoy them whilst they are here!” From what I glean from phone calls they all sound to be a pretty jolly lot on the whole!

Well thank god it’s all over now!! The two days “outside” were a real treat, especially a theatre matinee trip to an Edith Piaf biop: with Ludmila Krupska (really highly recommended, emotionally draining (especially from a wheelchair in the second row) . You can Catch her on YOUTUBE actually:  I am now working hard to get my legs as much back into condition as possible: now dreading New Years again of course: the best recipe is 3 sleeping pills and a large brandy around 10 pm!! Banking on a good view of fireworks from the 5th floor here (I am still a sucker for a few Catherine wheels and bangers!)  We shall see! I may just buy a few rockets and pathetically let them off on my own!!

I am sure there were some juicier anecdotes: they might come back to me!



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One Response to BuggerzBlog 16

  1. impones says:

    Good for you. How do you do it? Tips welcome!

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