Buggerzblog 19

 I am a gay old bugger living in a gay old buggerz home in Berlin:






Bugger‘z Blog Sheet No. 19 

 Deniz im Shop 2 Deniz im Shop 3 Deniz in shop


 This will be mostly about tight-arsed Turkish greengrocers and how they turn old men into snivelling, puling, pathetic, lovelorn, sex-starved teenies (they should be banned!): the former that is.


Well this is almost all about DENIZ the charming greengrocer on the corner of the street: he gave me his phone no. The first time I met him and immediately gave me the feeling: that this was an area: in which I could live comfortably: this has proved indeed to be the case: with increasingly goodwill on his part:  and the quality of his wares (the stuff on the shelves I mean!).  I try to visit him later in the days: because earl in the morning he is still at the wholesale market: and one is served by his mother or aunt: so in such cases I usually say” Thanks: I’ll be back later”


The day before yesterday in deep and driving snow: my chair pusher and friend and neighbour here, Bernd: was pushing me towards the shop around 10:00 am: and Bernd exclaimed: “my god: he IS there AND he is wearing tight jeans: (because usually he wears a long green wraparound apron of the kind which should be illegal for tight-arsed Turks!


Well, today for the very first time the apron was not there: because he was still unloading: AND he had his jeans tucked into riding boots: (this news on the gay websites: cause such a wave of anticipatory moisture: that I have only received complaints: because I took no pictures of either packet or derrière: I can scarcely believe it myself: except that it was snowing hard: I was wearing gloves: and my pockets were full of other rubbish than cameras: I did not know that I was on EARLY MORNING ARSE-WATCH DUTY!! That IS MY ONLY DEFENCE. PATHETIC. Now I WILL have to make a series of visits until I catch him, when I am appropriately equipped, to immortalise his nether regions:


NOW can you beat that for PATHETIC!!


Let me know anyway here is a pick with apron: and old crone (a drag old crone)

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