Buggerz Blog 21 (mostly Alzheimers, I seem to remember)

Buggerz Blog 21 …. mixing Alzheimeras and normal(queers) (Automatisch gespeichert)armpits

I am a gay old bugger living in a gay old buggerz home in Berlin:






Bugger‘z Blog Sheet No. 21 


Not quite sure what rubbish to regale you with this time: We here in the buggerz home are all feeling a bit betrayed by the much-vaunted website header philosophy for the flat-share in particular: which is labelled an experiment with ‘normal’ residents, ie. Mentally well-adjusted folk living together with Alzheimers patients:  


Well no bugger seems to have thought about this for as much as five minutes: I gueess just about long enough to register that the state care insurance pays a higher subsidy for looking after full-blown Aizheimers folk: and WE have just one such person here a highly-educated intellectual and musician who has recently rapidly deteriorated before our eyes to  the extent that he has to be taught anew to use cutlery at every meal: he is, it is true most of the time pretty genial: but when he is not ( and there were 5 such attacks in the last week)  when he just snaps for no reason that we can identify: presumably his frustrate at seeing all of us ‘normals’ (what a joke that is!) going about normal tasks of daily survival: like conversation, eating,, telephoning and so on. When he snaps he quite likes to have a knife or fork within close reach so that he can stab at the table: or other objects which are available for surface penetration: AND he likes attacking people from behind: pulling them along by their hair (Jane/Tarzan-style) if it is long enough: or wrestling them to the ground: the only words of wisdom which have been dispensed to assist the general  atmosphere of fright have been” well so far he has only attacked the staff, never the residents”


Well big deal: how long are we supposed to jolly along on that??  The trouble is that absolutely NOTHNG  grips his attention: he does not know which is his room ( and since mine is opposite his this means frequent surprise visits) he used at least to love going for a walk but even this VERY time-consuming hobby is now treated with disdain………………..


So in our poor opinion, as guinea pigs: the experiment simply means that ALL of the staff’s available time is required to look after him: so that WE get a very raw deal, especially given the fact that most of us are in the course of pretty crucial physiotherapy rehabilitation manoeuvres: which also need the physical presence of a further member of staff: so WATCH this space and don’t leave your door open at night!


However there has been some fun_ last night I went to the Deutsche Oper for “Peter Grimes”: the English National Opera production: absolutely excellent: must get round to organising more trips!


 El bugger



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