Buggerz blog no. 22

Buggerz Blog 22 …. Valentine’s Day (for god’s sake)

 am a gay old bugger living in a gay old buggerz home in Berlin:




LEAD-UP to Valentine’s Day:


Bugger‘z Blog Sheet No. 22 


Since many of you have been badgering me for news about the Truckie from Leipzig (Maybe this is the moment to go as far as to tell you his name is Uwe). Well he appeared on Tuesday evening quite late and said “Pack a few things for 2 nights or so: come downstairs and get in the car: so obedient as any queen would be under such circumstances, I sat in the car and asked where we were going, because all he had said was “to the Baltic coast.   You decide”

Well that’s quite a big space when you thin k about it so I just said “put Rostock-Hohe Düne” in the sat-nav: and that is where we went to begin with (I used to live there, so I was on familiar territory, with a few surprises up my sleeve! Well we had an exciting journey through quite a lot of snow and romantic swathes of fog. We had never spent so much time together before: so we went to Rostock, to Warnemünde to the quayside smoked fish market and shared our lunch with the seagulls: THEY certainly enjoyed it! Also showed him what used to be my own secret beach when I was teaching there quite quite different in snow and black ice of course (especially in a wheelchair on a sloped mole with turbulent black seas in the background). But still a sensation: at least we now both know what landscape and weather masochists we are!  The weather stayed resolutely cold, but did we care a shit?? We lapped it up!  Lovely snowscape as seen from the bed: the only thing that was cold around there as you can well imagine! (You filthy-minded buggers)! We then went to Heilgendamm, the Kaiser’s own seaside resort ensemble( which you all saw when Angela hosted her G8 set there, a sort of German version of its contemporary The Brighton Pavilion).    Back via Rostock and coffee in a café in a mediaeval nunnery within the city walls, can you believe it??)

Then back to the digs where I dId pop the following question (hold your breath girls!)  “Now Tell me Uwe, this trip is delightful, don’t get me wrong I appreciate the adventure and the spontaneity of it all, but I m not that NAIVE! So spill the beans: is this trip intended to see if we can bear to be in the same room together for 24 hours??


UWE: Yes, but not only that, he wanted to see if he could perform all of the technical manoeuvres necessary to be with a slightly lamed temperamental bitch of the first order without breaking into a hot sweat every few minutes: so as he said, for him it was primarily a “Liebesübung” (an exercise in love) :




Thank god!


That’s all for today, you scandal-mongering bitches!


El bugger

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