well it HAS  been a Long time, mostly because too much has happened rather than too little: most of it boring interfamilias  money-scrapping, which it would be far too unliterary to Trouble you with! s  will either throw in the towel, or just Keep writing and leave you all to imagine th near-suicidal stuf!! – which knowing me, you will be well able to do I am sure!!


Boy friends?? rubbish: literally: now the garden is pulling me through as usual: first sprouts onf the balcony and the roses actauyll survived the winter!! AND I am modelling in the ^year jubilee Show here of “GAY not GRAY” – the Fashion Show! so eat yr hats you lot! June 8: be there!! zhe cherries are in blossom outside my window: so what the hell!! the snow was absolutely wonderful: I don’t care what the others all say: I loved it!! I will Keep this really short, because I have to rush off to a naked photoshoot! YES: so reach for the sickbags!! AND I have started very limited teaching: only to a 7ß yr old Argentinian lesbian who wants to improve her English because her girlfriend is American and she keeps on losing when they have their dyke-tiffs!!



el bugger

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  1. gessyoule says:

    Hi Pete Good to hear from you. – men! Who needs ’em! Sounds like you’re really busy…I always new you’d make a fantastic model. We are up to Town on Friday to celebrate Alices birthday. We have been promised a trawl down the Northcote road, a very classy street Market with prices to match! Do you know it? Keep in touch Love Gess xx

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