Transvestite début at 71


Transvestite début at 71



False eyelashes, glitter and nail varnish

I am an ex-pat British fag, living under the following dubious circumstances in Berlin,

Last Saturday we had our 1st anniversary “Open Day”, which involved yours truly appearing in tue theatre group ( viz. “The Pink Winkle )  ntion, in full drag, pix to follow, and then an appearance on the piano (in full drag) in the flat-share followed at 7 pm by an appearance (in full drag) in the Fashion Show: Gay Not Gray! Followed by wine on the terrace until 1: a.m. with the dykes disco in the background: No wonder I was Not up to weeding in the garden the next morning! The Fashion Show was an enormous success, although I done say so “me-sen”: It was much enhanced by the difficulty of getting me from the Zimmer frame onto the stage, with the result that the evening before Detlef, tuh heavily tattoed muscle man and designer who was my Partner and “bodyguard” onstage, saying to me “Well I could just throw you over my shoulder each time and plonk you down on stage”……… now why would a girl turn down a suggestion like that! So we did it, about 4 times, in fact the cheers were so enormous, that by the finale in the midst of the big dance number he whispered to me “one more time?” so of course we did it again, each time precursed by a passionate kiss, since my face was SO close to his it was difficult to refuse I’m only human after all: and since we were doing something worthy of a Georg Grosz drawing anyway: whynot go the whole hog!

All in all the Fashion Show has also yielded a wonderful neu spectrum of friends for me, amongst them the afore-mentioned Detlef, but also the Dutch-Turkish, or Turkish-Dutch leather man Hakan Öztürk (great family name, huh?): in whose case , as one who has never been able to say “no” to a Turk, I was Bund to just bei “humuos in his hands” then there is the divine Brazilian Carmen Miranda substitute, Giovanni, who presented me with a rainbow-coloured feather boa seconds before my first Bolshoi ballet entrance ( that IS what it feels like to be thrown over somone’s shoulder in fishnet tights and a frilly Primark skirt in front of a few hundred cheering folks on a hot Berlin nicht in June: so I am in love with him too now: and then there is the gorgeous Torsten, who habitually does Tina Turner and dame Shirley as a drag act, and who did our make-up, pix to follow, don’t worry there will be SO many you will just be bored, promise!


So, as you can see I am just DYING OF FUCKING BOREDOM AT THIS END!


El Bugger

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