The Dubious Privilege of Survival


It’s a bit late for all this pioneer stuff

I feel like a gay Buzz Aldridge

taking geisha steps on the moon

not knowing whether it will bear my weight

or is it just a gaseous concoction

of Chanel No. 5 and ground pomegranite seeds

a Marco-Pierre White confabulation

of shards of Bombay duck

and umibushi Japanese plum sauce

unfit to sustain the weight

of my high-heeled space boots.

Does lipstick decompose at supersonic speeds?

Shall I risk the Schiaparelli pink?

or stick with Mars red?

or invent Venus vermilion?

Since most of the gaga buggers here

have forgotten what

knives and forks are there for

and think that jokes about genitals at table are

“Frightfully moderne”

that curry powder is unspeakably expensive

and that Lamborghini will lend you

a crate for a test drive on the Ku’damm

and that

Cartier do a nice line in incontinence pads,

that Jean-Paul Gauthier makes saucepans

And Halfords do bras

Remembering the days when Sainsbury’s

was just a white-tiled cheese shop

will not score you too many plus points

when knockin at heaven’s door.

or begging for Martin Amis’s

terminal martini cocktail

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