How to Break a leg in friendly circumstances in Hamburg

The risk involved in sleeping with a man again!
2 weeks ago heard that a close friend of mine in Hamburg had been artificially fed and respirated for 5 weeks, so I decided to visit him in Hamburg: I was privileged to be accompanied on this trip by the blonde Bavarian hunk and carer and friend, Manfred! Who had virtually no knowedge of Hamburg, last having been there at the age of 16!

So off we went on the train, on a picturesque route reserved for free-travel disabled and their accompaniers ( a great deal I can go anwhere within Germany for free by train! Nobody told me before!

So off we went having been invited to stay with my friends Anna and Steff Koehler.

Well Anna picked us up from the Station whispering to me “Klaus died 20 minutes ago!

Well this meant that we spent most of 2 days on a feel-good Programme showing Manfred the sights and delights of Hamburg and the Elbe:

It also, rather irritatingly meant that I was forced to sleep with Manfred and vice versa. But we were polite to one another about this!

Can we leave it at that! On the second night we actually spent until 3 in the morning reading a book called “Sex, Death and Enlightenment!”

So when we got up we were just as knackered as we would have been after a night of shagging or doing the Discos on the Reeperbahn!

It DID mean that as we started to leave the house in the morning I tripped on the top step of the five flights of stairs to be accomplished, and ended up with a rivettingly painful injury, however, since Manfred had to get back to Berlin for the memorial party of a French friend wo had the week before hung himself from a bridge in the Yorckstrasse, Berlin, we soldiered on!

We had a fascinating return journey, missing our connection in Schwerin, but taking in a tiny place called Bad Kleinen, the scene of tue last foray of the old German Terror group RAF (red army fraction which reminded us of Ulrike Meinhoff, the mastermind of tue group: Manfred has hit on the idea that the brain of Ulrike has been implanted and reincarnated in my head!

So we are working on this irreverent Story: MUCH MORE TO COME; WATCH THIS SPACE orYOUTUBE!

This was partly provoked by my having described to Manfred, how, when I lived in the Lüneburg Heath in the 60’s, when Ulrike was on the run, it was rumoured in a red Volvo, I actually went to a fancy Dress party in Hamburg, In my red Volvo, dressed as Ulrike Meinhoff ! ( how fucking masochistic can you get??)

….. And surprise surprise I was stopped on the autobahn slip road and forced to lie in my Burberry trenchcoat at rifle point on the asphalt: I can tell you those policemen were pretty disappointed to find they had picked up a whinging faggot in pearl earrings rather than the most important terrorist of the 20th century!

Why they didn’t even try to rape me!

So more of this to come……

Anyway after a fascinating train journey and a lot of suppressed pain, I have finally had to admit to a double shin fracture, which has now been screwed up in the Schloss Park Klinik (again) as you can see I am just DYING OF FUCKING BOREDOM AT THIS END, AS PER USUAL! IT IS SUCH A DRAG AND INDIGNITY BEING CARRIED DOWN FIVE FLIGHTS OF STAIRS BY A MUSCULAR BEARDED BAVARIAN! ( even if his philosophical chat is pure magic)

El Bugger

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