WE HAVE AN OLD FAGGOTS GROUP HERE CALLED “ANDERS ALTERN!” (literally growing old in a different way!)


I have finally decided on my preferred alternative translation:




I am going to a Meeting here this afternoon: They are showing a film of our oldest inhabitant here (mid 80’s) in which he shows how to pick up fellas at the bus stop in drag: and also demonstrates the correct height for  a bed and for the accompanying kneeling stools for “going down” on clients once you have entrapped them: I hope that, like Ivor Novello, he died “taking it”




…………… or does this rumour not persist any more? (it was vaunted to have been in the manager’s office of the old Strand Theatre).


Weather cooling down drastically and the alarming shit of Xmas preparations is upon us: even we pathetic fags and wary dykes! I am hoping to escape for New Year, but more of that when my plans have “firmed up” as they say! Am hoping to pep up my room next week via  the usual favourite ploy of rearranging the same dreary selection of furniture! WE shall see! Hoping to coordinate a put-u-up sofa, to tempt occasional hapless overnight guests! One idiot has already volunteered.


All I need now are the muscular blokes to shift the stuff! Every bugger seems to be ill!


Last werk I had to kit out the floor with mattresses instead: I have democratically arranged the Xmas Menu, by giving all the men 2 wishes: and then melding them into an overwhelmingly meaty week’s menu: ( with 3 veggie dishes inserted by myself!)


Now I juat need to guess whether a goose for 12 persons will fit in the oven: Nigella help!!


Come back: all is forgiven!

new emai


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