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Buggerz Blog 39




………….. And you cannot please all of them ALL of the time!


It appears that I have mortally offended the feelings of a fat curvaceous queen from Hamburg, who seems to have forgotten that Hamburg is NOT Berlin: THAT is why I no longer wanted to live there!


Hamburg is a middle-class provincial dump! with jumped up ideas above its station!




The party concerned is popularly known in the homosexual subculture as Jan Rubens, largely because of his Rubensesque gorgeous curves: he is indeed a very close friend of mine: whom I knew for 6 years or so in Hamburg: and who works very often in Berlin: not your normal gay scrubber: he actually teaches at both the Humboldt and the Free University here: YES: I DO associate with intellectual faggots too:  he is an adorable and loyal friend who has followed me through every stage of my health crisis: and should be thanked and adored for this AS WELL as being whipped naked chained to the Brandenburg gate on New Years Eve, for his insolence: one does not request praise, one earns it dear Jan! and you have indeed earned it! I adore you YES even in front of all these pople!


Hang around Darling!



See you soon as Honorary Berliner here. The last blog, was meint to underline my new Berlin circle of friends! IT DOES NOT mean that I have dismissed all of the others you stupid belangloses bitch!

And IF I had a pic of you I would show it: as it is I can only recommend Rubens’ woman with generous breasts!


More news of divine New Year on the Polish border to come this evening! If I make it!

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