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Buggerz Blog 41


Manfred… it fits! (not Cinderalla’s shoe. But by my Standards, almost!)


Beginning 2014



So a Happy New year to all of you luckless, hapless buggers!

here’s some of the weekend’s highlights!

Having been tantalised with the thought of 10 days holiday over new year with Manfred. Queen of the Allgäu, I was still in hospital shortly before Dec. 26. Then I got released: and finally, as my Xmas surprise, also for all the Otter jealous bitches, I was able to rush off with M. to the Station on 31 Dec. whence we rushed to the Polish border to be picked up by Anke, and old friend of his, in whose house we stayed for tue next few days:new year was more or less German traditional: at 22:00 hours we retired to tue freezing, frosty Fields behind the house, where a splendidly constructed bonfire awaited us! Built so as not to collapse inwards as it burns: so there with a clutch of kids and a host of rockets and Roman candles the kids did all of those things with fireworks which they are warned in the UK not to do, short of munching them and a bottle or two of bubbly. We rounded off the night: to retire to an idyllic nicht. In tue morning I began the New Year by preparing a shoulder of the hostesse’s own garden lamb, larded with 40 cloves of garlic, caramom, cumin etc- which led  in the afternoon to a long wheelchair walk with the dog Gustav, we saw masses of mistletoe in the trees, which Manfred did not need to be persuaded to harvest: he just climbed into and UP the entire tree as if it was a ladder  about 9 metres. Leaving me to wonder what sort of emergency line one rang here for broken leg service: Germany or Poland? I decided to forget the latter, on the assumption that a non-catholic country would be better_ In the afternoon, Anke gave me masses of comfrey root to make poultices to repair my broken leg, at the same time, this new friend, who has known M. for many years, gave me copious notes on which of his friends “were bad news wnd worthless barstards!`

Thanks Darling! I den’t think this is news I will be breaking to him!

Anyway we parted excellent friends, with me invited back open-ended into the future, and espeliay on 21 January when we will bring back  Gustav for the 10 weeks he will be here whilst Manfred will be  in South America: after his return, and during the coming year, we hope to resume, what he refers to as “our world trip!:

I just refer to it as heavon on earth!  Just hope I can live long eniugh to enjoy it!

Anyway Manfred and i seemed to agtee on the divine nature of our trips together: he sent me an SMS this morning, which seems to meet to best express the true and desired close friendship  between 2 gay men of vastly differing ages:

He said’ I like spending time with you. It just +‘fits’ e.g. the main hobbies, sex, cooking, gardening, travel, concerts etc.

Well, this is a friendship I will sure be working hard on, especially now that everyone on the Polish border knows that my stage name is Rita the Ruin,

what the fuck do I have to lose!

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