buggerzblog 46 & 47

Buggerz Blog 46

Well, I will keep this short. The main point being to send you a photo of me in pink and gold at the end of the fashion show here last Saturday: “Gay not Grey“. I just appeared right at the end of the show, which was an Afro-Cuban extravaganza: with lots of music and danke (there may be a video to come. I will keep you posted). I appeared at the front of the stage, in a cluster of spotlights and delivered the following text (ostensbly from Charlie Chaplin):

“Life is one long piece of theatre. Trouble is there is no chance of a dress rehearsal. So just drink, laugh and dance, love and live as intensively as possible until the curtain falls.
Because when the show is over it will fall and it will be abrupt and brutal: AND there will be no applause!” (as you will see I added quite a few adjectives to spice it up). But it all went down splendidly, and I intend to wear the same costume, in an adjusted fashion, this coming Saturday for the CSD Parade.
I just hope I manage to attach the damn picture now: here goes……

Tomorrow I am doing an interview for BBC radio. And the day after that a film interview for a film, abtut sexuality amongst old people (sorry, straights as well, not


Thar’s about it for now apart from a speedy trip to Manfred’s country bolthole in Fürstenwalde. Which was on the day of the start of the World Cup, so we watchd that in an open-air street caff, surrounded by deliciously sweating, passionate Brazilians.

El Bugger

Buggerz Blog 47
Mostly future plans

In the meantime the whole of “Gay not Grey“ can be seen on YOUTUBE, the kinda stuff masochists dream of! I just appear right at the end of the show, so there is a lot you can skip. A week later I was also in the CSD gay pride Parade through the heart of Berlin.

As can only be the case in a city where you have a superabundance of faggots there was an endless dispute about CSD routes and nomenclature this year with the result , when they discovered that the word “Stonewall” is copyright, that there were 3 parades (we decided to go on the one that gets the most coverage. The sun didn’t shine but it was great just being there.) At the beginning various ambassadors make speeches: there was one by a woman from Nigeria, which was very moving: I quote, roughly:

“if I can see a Parade of this nature in Nigeria, even in 20 years time, with such liberty of expression: then I will be happy. Now go out there and smile and show the world that you love each other!!”

Made a very good start……

Next weekend there is an “alternative” CSD Parade called “Mad & Disabled”. believe me, they don’t whip me, but I am going on this one too, partly because it ends up with a party in a wheelchair-friendly disco.
One of the ones I am NOT going on is the one called quite simply called “DYKE MARCH”!, guess why?

This last week I have been out and about quite a lot: my friend Manfred has a small bolt-hole in a forest about 30 mins by train from here: so we go there for weekends or short stays, which is bliss, I can tell you! Also we/he has/have much bigger, more visionary plans for the future. When Manfred was on holiday in March in Morocco, he met some people/families with ideas which
he is determined to turn into a long-term project: most of it is centred around a sort of “freetrade” development of the famous exclusive (to Morocco) argan tree, the oil of which is fabled for its rejuvenating properties and gastronomic virtues. Just Look at the labels in Bodyshop! ( or the recent photos of me, since I have been using it).

Anyway, this will all involve him being for lengthy periods of the year in Morocco, but still with a base in Berlin, thank god, ( in a place called Sidi Ifni, about 180 km. south of Agadir and on the threshhold of the Sahara. Anyway, it all sounds fabulous and I have been given tue official OK from Manfred to make this first public statement about things: there are already quite a group of us in our ’patchwork family’ involved which makes it more than intriguing for me. It means some work, but not too much work, that is the idea for everybody. And Manfred’s principal idea is to ’suggest’ projects, in outline, whether, farming, cultural, making clothes with local materials ob producing grocery products, but no one will stipulate the details of the projects. The idea is to auto-motivate the participants to work on them on their own. Of course it is non-profitmaking and the business form will be a cooperative.

I won’t say any more at this juncture, other than that I am in 7th heaven that I have been asked to get involved: I will be there for the first time in February/March for 4 weeks (already booked), because my doctor is very anxious that I should be in the sun a lot because I have osteoporosis.

What better an excuse could I ask for, plus the fact that the accompanying person is butch ’( don’t worry, not too butch!) and a dream to cook with and to talk to. I simply can’t wait to get out there!
If anybody fancies joining us just contract me on this site.

By the way it‘s is not quite as naive as it might sound: I have been to Morocco 5 or 6 times and have driven the length and breadth of the country Sahara/Atlas/Rif on my own. My „EX“, Jochen, had a house in the souk in Marrakech, so I am pretty aware of the perils.

But more of this next time. It is now 21:37 hrs here and still 27°C and sunny. Needless to say the garden is a picture, especially the hollyhocks, you could think you were in an English nursery rhyme!

Needless to say I also recently did another filmed interview on ‚sexuality in extreme old age‚, made by students from the Catholic University!, YOU were the only one who would agree to talk to us, they charmingly said!

Now beat that!

… and wach this space of course………………….
El Bugger

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